I  am  Dylan  Mixer

    On March 9th, 1993, I was born into the world. Music has always been my love, my passion. From it’s most basic, minimalistic  forms to it’s bigger bombastic, it has always  found a way to speak to me. I love going to loud rock shows, as well as enjoying  a good symphony, or Jazz session.

    Percussion has always been a constant in my life; from drum set, to corps style rudimental, from mallet percussion to exotic, I love  all percussion instruments. I have always attributed my success in music to my rhythmic ability that percussion has instilled in me;  it allowed me to develop a very natural sense of rhythm early on in my life so that the rest of the musical spectrum could come easily later on as I ventured through it.

    Another true calling that reached out to me at the  age of nine was film. I enjoyed making movies with an old webcam we had, cutting  and editing them until they were masterpieces I could call my own. The thing I loved most about the movie-making process, though, was the score. I realized how deeply the score could affect the film: the building character development, and the, sometimes, idle background that became more than just a setting with the emphasis given from the score. It quickly changed my cheesy, amateur films in to something more, and it was then that I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

    In 2007 I entered High School, I joined the school’s marching band as a percussionist and it changed so much for me. It developed many skills that I consider crucial to my ability to compose, I learned about instrumentation, tuning, various styles of music, and eventually how to compose stand music for the band. I played snare for 3 years and was drum captain for 2 of them, and I eventually went on to march with the Tampa Bay Thunder Drum    &    Bugle  Corps  and other ensembles such as Bay Area Percussion. All together, these past experiences have assured me that music is what I crave to do in life. Whether it is composing a score for the world to hear in a movie, game, or television show, or perform in front of a crowd waiting to move along to the rhythm I created, it is my aspiration in life and nothing else will suffice.

Dylan Mixer playing music on a keyboard

Film  Scoring

    In 2011, I began attending St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida. My focus is, of course, film scoring. I  learned a lot about orchestration, songwriting, music technology, and even producing. I now operate my own home studio using Pro Tools 11 and Cubase 7. I have done  a range of things including scoring amateur films, producing bands EPs and LPs, electronic music, and instrumental.

    Scoring Major Motion Pictures is not necessarily what I have set out to do. Although it would be great, it would be irresponsible for that to be my focus. I love all aspects of creating music for entertainment. Documentaries, TV Shows, Commercials, Web Ads, Video Games, Flash Games, producing beats for other artists, etc. No matter what the project is, I put passion in to my work. In harmony with my composing experience, producing experience, and performance experience I am determined to give my clients  a  full and complete product. I am flexible  about compensation and I am willing to communicate every step of the way. All you need to do is  ask.