What  do  I  do?

-Compose music for film, television, video games, documentaries, podcasts, and TV Ads.

-Ghost write tracks for electronic, pop, EDM, or hip-hop artists.

-Determine flexible rates off the budget of the project. Please contact me for details.

How do I do it?

-With Cubase 8 Pro, Pro Tools 11, Sibelius, and over 500 gigabytes of the highest quality sounds and virtual instruments available.

-Thanks to a partnership with Dark Matter Studios, I have the freedom to record any acoustic instrument in a top of the line studio space to achieve the professional sound that your project deserves.

Newest  Track

Why  should  you  choose  me?

-This is YOUR project.
-This is your vision.
-It’s my job to find out What Your Vision Sounds Like.
-I will listen, work with you, and communicate every step of the way to ensure I deliver the product you want.